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Andersen Deans Foundation


Andersen DEANS Foundation needed to completely rebuild their website with up-to-date technology. They needed to convey the importance of the Foundation’s activities and how Andersen Elementary School’s students benefit from the DEANS’ programs and support. Needing to streamline the donation process, Webideation created a custom donate form with interactive selection fields to enable donors to contribute using user-designated amounts and intervals.

Webideation created custom features for DEANS:

  1. Custom donation form + PayPal integration
  2. Custom pie charts
  3. Custom calendar
  4. Custom blog
  5. Custom graphics and icons + Custom color pallette
  6. MailChimp mass email service setup + Custom template

Webideation trained DEANS staff on how to create blog posts, add calendar events, and interpret Google Analytics.

Webideation created video tutorials for DEANS:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Forms Data Export
  3. Creating Posts
  4. Creating Photo Galleries
  5. Creating Events
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