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My web development clients know I recommend MailChimp over any other email service, mainly because it is affordable and easy to customize branded emails.  Their tutorials and automated copy-and-paste subscription forms make easy work of email marketing, even for newcomers.

Research supports the use of website popup subscription forms now more than ever.  To make the most of this, MailChimp recently improved their copy-and-paste popup email subscription forms, proving once again to be innovators in email marketing for small businesses.

My web development clients know I recommend MailChimp

There is a drag-and-drop form builder which allows users to quickly customize and brand popups; no complicated coding required.  The builder even displays what the popup will look like on a desktop or mobile device.

Users can also specify if the popup appears a specific time after pageload, or if it is triggered by scrolling or exit intent.  Taking it a step further, the popup can be designed to cover the entire page, it can be small and slide in from the side, or it can be across the bottom and disappear only when users click to close the box.

This is not a stripped-down version of a great idea.  All the features you could want are at your fingertips, and it’s free.  Once again, MailChimp delivers on making email marketing easy and effective.

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Janice Grace is a web developer and digital marketing specialist with Webideation